Voodoo Monkey Child is a five ~ piece Progressive Rock band from Elgin, Illinois ( a suburb of Chicago). With the release of their first CD “A Taste of Afterlife” on Little Pond Records Inc., Voodoo Monkey Child accomplished the first step towards fulfilling an important dream ~ professionally recording their unique style of Progressive Rock.
“A Taste of Afterlife” along with our 2nd release “Under a Crescent Moon” received numerous Grammy nominations from Unique Artwork to Song of the Year.

Voodoo Monkey Child  was formed by R. Scott Allen in 1990. Personnel have come and gone over the years. Then in 1998, VMC released it’s first CD, “A Taste of Afterlife” with current members: Scott Allen, Scott Hume & Mike Ferguson.

They began working on the 2nd CD and personnel problems ensued. Three bass players and numerous vocalists later, the band found Tim Rogers and Janey Age through an outstanding stroke of luck (or was it destiny?). In early 2007, these two started adding their "touch" to the songs and have been going strong ever since.

 “Under a Crescent Moon” is currently on sale here for download or at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon.com,  and Curtis Wood Music Distributors.

VMC's CD #3 “Coast of Dreams “ Is now available!  Buy it here or from your favorite distributor.